Rob Closter

Runs the Town Recreation Department; serves as Adapted Physical Education Teacher at the Block Island School


Lives on Block Island


Rob returned to Block Island after graduating college in 2003 and promptly became a productive and respected member of the community. Rob runs the Town Recreation Department and develops senior programs including shopping trips and cultural activities. He serves as Athletic Director and accomplished getting the Hurricanes team into the Rhode Island Interscholastic League. He serves as Adapted Physical Education Teacher at the Block Island School. He bartends at a local restaurant and runs his own mowing business. He manages to be completely committed and successful at all of his endeavors, always giving 110%.

When he has been unable to fill coaching or department openings, he has always been willing to take on the extra work himself so that programs don’t suffer. In a larger community, this may not have the impact that is does on Block Island. Children on the island don’t have the variety or access to other opportunities with neighboring towns or community centers. Rob’s commitment to creating and sustaining programs is vital to the quality of life. His leadership won the 2008 award for Recreation Department of the Year from the State of Rhode Island.


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