Dawson Hodgson

Rhode Island State Senator


Lives in Slocum


Senator Hodgson is a native of North Kingstown, where he grew up living and working on his family’s turf farm. A graduate of Bucknell University and University of Connecticut School of Law, and served as a Rhode Island state criminal prosecutor from 2005-2010. He was elected to the Rhode Island Senate on November 2, 1010, in his first campaign for elected office. A former state prosecutor, Senator Hodgson is a pro economic growth, pro government reform legislator, working to deliver a clean, competent government for Rhode Island. He serves on the Senate Committees on Judiciary and Labor, and the Joint Committee on Economic Development. He was elected Deputy Minority Leader in his first legislative session and emerged as a thoughtful advocate for better government and fiscal restraint. He maintains a private law practice in North Kingstown and remains involved in his family’s farming business


Senator Hodgson serves on the Senate Youth Violence Task Force and on the North Kingstown Harbor Management Commission.


Senator Hodgson and his wife Megan reside in North Kingstown with their two young boys.


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