Leading Ladies 2020

Leading Ladies 2020: Regina Bartlett

Author & Wellness Influencer


Journey to Wellness

“Weight loss stories are powerful. They provide hope and direction,” says REGINA BARTLETT. “I’ve told my story for five years, and now I’m ready to share other people’s experiences.”

Regina’s story began when she took her first step on her awe-inspiring journey to wellness. “I spent 30 years of my life morbidly obese,” she says. “I tried every diet on the planet and nothing ever worked over time. It was hard to admit that I needed help but it became a vital part of gaining better health.” Through a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery and “a whole lot of faith,” Regina was able to lose 250 pounds and achieve her lifelong dream of running the New York City Marathon.

“I decided to be really open about my surgery for two reasons: to keep myself accountable and to remove the stigma around weight loss surgery. I love being a part of people’s weight loss stories with my small contribution,” she says. A frequent speaker and volunteer at Miriam Hospital’s Center for Bariatric Surgery, Regina is an advocate for surgical intervention for weight loss. “When I show another person a picture of me over 400lbs    they get hope. Watching people experience hope is extraordinary.”

The 8 Points Podcast, her latest project, is inspired by the eight dimensions of wellness Regina identified: spiritual, physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, social, environmental, and occupational.

When Regina took a closer at her issues with weight, she noticed a pattern. “Successful, long-term weight loss isn’t solely about losing weight. When things were out of balance my weight was quite high and when they weren’t it wasn’t nearly as high. There was so much to explore with these 8 factors.” The interactive forum will allow people to access information and interviews, as well as provide a much more private means of connecting with Regina.


Power of Storytelling

Regina chronicled her amazing transformation in her book Food, Sweat, & Fears. “I discovered that the more open I was about how I was feeling, the more I found people were just like me. We tend to isolate ourselves during times of stress, trauma or failure. I discovered that sharing my story - all of it - helped other people share their own.”

Knowing how difficult long-term weight loss success can be, Regina continues to share her life adventures on her blog ReginaBartlett.com and her Navigating Weight and Wellness Facebook page. “These peer-to-peer relationships are critical, especially when so many people still don’t have a thorough understanding of weight loss surgery.” Her blog and book has been read by people around the world.

She’s also finishing up her next book, Living the 8 Points: Putting Dimensional Wellness into Practice. “It’s a workbook to help readers determine where they stand on each of the 8 Points, and how to improve your overall wellness when you focus on achieving balance instead of just focusing on weight loss.”

Regina not only talks the talk on her blog, she walks the walk everyday as a fitness professional. She is the Membership Director at the Ocean Community YMCA, Arcadia Branch, as well as a fitness instructor.  She is a licensed POUND trainer, leading cardio classes that use lightly weighted drumsticks to music. “I get to see the best part of my community come together to share health, wellness, and each other at the Y.”

Regina’s energy and love for life is positively contagious. She’s active in her church, where you can find her singing on the praise team. She’s currently training to become a Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Karate, and she’s close to completing her Personal Certified Training License.

Regina and her husband Jeff fill their empty nest from their combined family of six adult children with two very tiny, yet adorable Chihuahuas. “Courage and faith are best friends. When you have faith you have all the courage you’ll ever need to get anything done,” Regina says.


Regina Bartlett • 401-219-2322 • regina@reginabartlett.com


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