Leading Ladies 2020

Leading Ladies 2020: Julie Ostiguy

Healing Arts


OPEN HEART is a sacred place for self discovery and healing. Owner Julie Ostiguy created a space to empower others to find their own healer within so they can live a deeply rich and satisfying life.

“My journey to Open Heart began in 2008, when my heart was broken open by the birth and death of my precious infant daughter, Olivia. Her life inspired me towards a path of living wholeheartedly and authentically in connection with myself and the world around me,” Julie says. “It was during those painfully difficult first years that I found my way through the grief and practiced a variety of holistic and alternative healing modalities.”

Open Heart offers an array of unique gifts, events, and healing arts services. Julie loves to work with clients to identify the modalities that speak to their soul – whether that be energy work, expressive arts (dance, drawing/painting, writing, sound healing), herbal work, dream work, meditation/visualization, or tea leaf readings.

“I believe what speaks to the soul helps to bring us towards self-discovery. It’s an honor to meet each person where they are at, and to walk on this journey alongside others.”


Open Heart507 Main Street, Warren •  401-337-5205


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