Leading Ladies 2020

Leading Ladies 2020: Laurie Neronha

Owner & Licensed Esthetician


Laurie Neronha is obsessed with healthy skin. “Beautiful skin is a side effect of healthy skin,” says the owner of VIRIDITAS BEAUTIFUL SKIN THERAPIES. “Viriditas is the Latin equivalent of chi, or energy. Lush, green and verdant, we focus on repairing and maintaining your skin’s natural barrier and defense systems. We believe in hydrating and restoring with integrity, care and compassion – because your skin deserves to be nourished, not abused.”

Laurie’s career began over two decades ago when she became a licensed esthetician. “I’m also obsessed with skin science,” she says, adding that becoming a certified Acne Specialist was a career game changer. A regional trainer for Oncology Spa Solutions, Laurie teaches skincare professionals the specialized practice of treating oncology patients. “It’s empowering to know we improve the quality of life during such a challenging time.”

Laurie is proud to win the Client Loyalty Award from Strategies.com, and to have graduated the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program in 2018. “It’s so rewarding to have built a business that not only changed my life, but has changed the lives of others.”


Viriditas Beautiful Skin Therapies • 1 Richmond Square, Suite 215W, Providence • 401-632-4433 


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