Leading Ladies 2020

Leading Ladies 2020: Melissa Siple

Pilates Instructor & Gym Owner


STOTT Pilates is a precise strengthening and stretching method developed a century ago by Joseph Pilates. It has had immense benefits for those who practice it, but the original repertoire was based on old knowledge about the body and its functions. That’s why Melissa Siple, owner of BENEFITNESS in East Greenwich, is a STOTT Pilates instructor trainer. She teaches the method to future Pilates instructors, both at her acclaimed local studio and around the world. “STOTT is the contemporary approach. As science has evolved, our method has evolved to better fit clients’ needs,” Melissa says. “There are a number of different brands, and I always encourage clients to do their research. STOTT is globally recognized as the leader in Pilates and other fitness programming.”

Benefitness offers daily Group Mat and Reformer classes, as well as customized one-on-one sessions. “One size doesn’t fit all’ when it comes to personal training. Inspired, creative instruction is the best way to reach personal goals and overcome challenges,” Melissa says. Melissa loves how customizable STOTT is to each person’s fitness level and abilities. “It makes people feel successful,” she says. “It’s completely anatomically and physiologically appropriate for the person who’s doing it.”  Melissa holds a BS, an MBA and a graduate certificate from Seton Hall School of Law. She continually strives to expand her skill set both personally and professionally. Melissa prides herself on having “the best of the best” trainers working for her – but that doesn’t mean she only trains top athletes. “People are looking to be fit and functional longer. We work with every body type and age to help you be your best self.”


Benefitness • 816 Middle Road, East Greenwich • 401-886-5661


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