Leading Ladies 2019

Leading Ladies 2019: Pat Durigan

Restaurant Co-Owner, Twin Willows


Pat Durigan, co-owner of TWIN WILLOWS, has many reasons to be proud of her restaurant. The beloved Narragansett establishment has a stellar reputation for its great food, atmosphere, and service. “Every day I’m proud of what we do here, but I’m most proud of the longevity of owning and running this business for 34 years,” Pat says.

Purchased by Pat and Phil Durigan in 1984, Twin Willows specializes in seafood, – freshly caught and perfectly prepared – that’s best enjoyed on their waterfront patio. Now run by Pat and her son David, the casual restaurant is much more than a place to have a meal. For decades people have gathered here to relax, take in the views, and enjoy the good company of old and new friends. “A lot of our customers have been coming for all 34 years,” Pat says. “We’re often referred to as the ‘Cheers’ of South County. Some people even have their own bar stools!”

When she purchased the restaurant in 1984, it was a tavern frequented by URI kids. “We completely transformed it into a full family restaurant. I am especially proud of

the lasting impact we’ve had after all these years, and how we cater to the entire family. We have a game room for the kids. We offer live music on the weekends. People know each other.” The friendly and welcoming atmosphere offers a genuine camaraderie between guests and staff alike.

While Twin Willows serves great seafood, they also serve up a full menu of American favorites influenced by New England’s culinary traditions. They have a great selection of shareable apps, burgers and sandwiches, pastas and steaks – plus tons of classic and modern seafood dishes. Their chowder, served in three varieties, always keeps people coming back for more.

Twin Willows offers entertainment on Saturday nights, and on Sunday afternoons after football season. There’s always a game on in the bar area – even the outside deck has two large screen TVs. “We have always aimed to provide something for everyone. It’s very gratifying to know that we have succeeded in creating a popular neighborhood restaurant that makes people feel comfortable.” 

Twin Willows

Narragansett | 789-8153

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