Leading Ladies 2019

Leading Ladies 2019: Kristine S. Trocki & Monique M. Paquin

Attorneys & Counsellors at Law


Expertise. Persistence. Compassion. Resilient. These are just a few of the words clients use to describe attorneys Kristine S. Trocki and Monique M. Paquin of KRISTINE S. TROCKI, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW (KST Law). Kristine and Monique are not your average counselors at law. With utmost professionalism and a shared relentless focus, these leading women work together as a unified team to get the best possible outcome for their clients.

The Dynamic Team Approach

Kristine opened KST Law, a full-service community law firm, in 2006. Monique joined in November 2013, and has worked alongside Kristine ever since to offer creative and proactive legal solutions for their clients.

Practicing law as a team is just one way that distinguishes the leading women from their colleagues at other law firms. Both women are dedicated to providing the highest quality client care through transparency and communication. In fact, when you call KST Law, you will always speak directly with Kristine and/or Monique. Both attorneys are always fully informed of all details in every client’s matter.

This close-knit team approach provides incisive, comprehensive, and customized care, and allows clients to receive the full benefits of two attorneys while essentially only paying for one. “Our team is completely in sync, and it’s powerful,” says Kristine. “It’s our secret weapon.” The dynamic women bring a high level of preparedness, expertise, and determination to each case. “Never underestimate us,” Kristine says. As a client once told Kristine she “Loved the fact that we are not only highly intelligent, but can advocate on a wide spectrum- from thoughtful, practical and kind to full on pit bulls with lipstick, if need be.”

Stronger Together

Since Kristine and Monique work with clients so closely, often during highly-emotional periods of their clients’ lives, both women are focused on their clients’ overall well-being. “It’s not just about the biggest financial settlement or winning a tough case - it’s also about coming out of this personal challenge stronger than you were when it began,” Kristine says.

They also see clients at happier moments in their lives, be it starting a new business or crafting a will after the birth of a child. “We are grateful to be our clients ‘lawyers for life,’ and to help them navigate through the changes and challenges they may face throughout their lifetime,” Monique adds.

Community & Connections

As leaders in law and as well as in their respective communities, Kristine and Monique value their clients and work diligently to establish client satisfaction and long-term relationships. Making a meaningful and lasting impact in someone’s life comes with gratitude for both attorneys. “We care deeply, and that’s why we fight with a relentless drive for our clients.” Kristine says. “We are so grateful for the genuine, trusted connections we make with our clients. This makes all the difference.”

Kristine and Monique are each certified mediators and are each licensed to practice law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Kristine completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at University of Rhode Island and received her Law Degree in 1999 from Northeastern School of Law. Monique is a May 2013 graduate of Roger Williams University School of Law and also completed her Bachelor’s Degree at RWU. Kristine served as President of the Jamestown Town Council 2012-2018, and has served on the board of the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce. Monique has served as the Executive Director of the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce since June 2016. 

KST Law provides legal representation in a wide variety of practice areas including: Personal Injury & Auto Accidents; Divorce & Family Law; Mediation; Wills & Powers of Attorney; Probate; Business/Employment & Contract Law; Severance Agreements; Landlord/Tenant Law; Medical Malpractice; and Products Liability 

Kristine S. Trocki, Attorney and Counsellor at Law

Jamestown | 423-3390

kst@trockilaw.com | mmp@trockilaw.com


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