Leading Ladies 2019

Leading Ladies 2019: The Leading Ladies at Providence Picture Frame

The Leading Ladies at Providence Picture Frame


PROVIDENCE PICTURE FRAME started in 1850, and has been helping people making beautiful memories ever since. Over the decades, the store went from a tiny spot in The Arcade to the major art destination that it is now. Today, Providence Picture Frame is housed in a historic mill off North Main Street. They offer framing, and also photo and painting restoration, printing and appraisals, and sell antique maps, framed prints, and mirrors. Their Dryden Gallery, with three exhibition spaces that showcase art by local artists, has become a major art destination in the area, and can host events of up to 200 people. It all adds up to a full acre of space devoted to local art and fine craftsmanship, and a staff of people who spend their lives making spaces more beautiful. Meet the Leading Ladies Providence Picture Frame team.

Donna Parsons has been Gallery Director at Providence Picture Frame & Dryden Gallery for six years, and has been with the company for over 15 years. As Gallery Director, Donna is responsible for filling the gallery’s three exhibition rooms: the Red Gallery on the first floor, the Piano Room on the second, and the Grand Gallery upstairs, which is over 3,500 square feet and is considered one of the finest galleries in New England. 

Miranda Harreys came to Providence Picture Frame in 2013 as part of a career change. With some experience from another shop but, more importantly, with a friendly personality and a lifetime of sewing skills, she is now an expert in hand sewing and the archival treatment of everything from fine silk tapestries, to sports jerseys belonging, to members of major New England sports clubs.

Dale Ryan, sales manager, has been with Providence Picture Frame since it was a tiny shop in The Arcade. Her primary role, as she describes it, is meeting new people and improving their spaces, helping them to envision the difference that great framing can make not just to one photo or piece of art, but to a whole room. She works closely with local offices to place artwork that fits their business and their budget.

Diolinda Pereira started with the company 18 years ago and quickly demonstrated her skill as a craftsperson with an eye for detail. Once all of the various tasks have been performed on a customer’s project and components produced, she is the one who brings it all together for final assembly and inspection. She’s never afraid to kick something back into production if she is not happy with it. If it’s hanging on your wall, it’s probably because Diolinda said it could.

Lisa Lagory is the head of Providence Picture Frame’s matting and archival treatment department. She is an expert in the ancient art of paper hinges for high value works on paper, and at the same time, she is also recognized as one of North America’s most knowledgeable users of CAD mat cutting machines. Combine this with her design expertise, and she is a triple threat.

Lisa Bushee is half of the growing digital reproduction and printing department. With years of experience as professional photographer, photo editor and printmaker, she is able work with the most exacting professionals, but her warm personality allows her to also make the least tech-savvy customers feel right at home. In addition to her technical skills, Lisa is also works with customers to help frame anything that they have printed.

Mary Lindberg is the newest member of the team, and comes with a diverse background in art and design. An artist herself, she has a broad range of skills from painting on various substrates, sculpture, set design, and light carpentry. She is a triple threat – working with customers at the design counter, in their homes as an art installer, and in the workshop as a framer. 

Providence Picture Frame

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