Leading Ladies 2019

Leading Ladies 2019: Denise Chakoian

Fitness Expert, Owner of CORE


Denise Chakoian, owner of CORE, a fitness studio on the East Side of Providence, believes in the power of community and the profound impact of positive influence. “When life becomes difficult, surrounding yourself with an uplifting community who believes in you – often more than you believe in yourself – creates long-lasting relationships that inspire and motivate.”

Denise’s success began over a decade ago when she opened her first fitness studio on the East Side. Determined to bring individualized and proven exercise classes to RI, she has continued to expand the CORE brand by adding modalities that incorporate the five basic elements of physical fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility.

As Denise approaches her 13th year anniversary, she is once again reinventing herself – except this time, she’s found inspiration in a personal way. After being diagnosed with cancer and successfully treated last year, Denise understands the importance of a like-minded fitness community which helped her overcome obstacles. The diagnosis was profound in many ways. “I never thought cancer would happen to me, especially for someone in the health and wellness industry.” Denise credits her community of trainers, clients, friends and family for getting her through her hardest days. “Regardless of my emotional state, I got up every Saturday morning at the crack of dawn to teach a 7:30am cycling class. Seeing the faces of the CORE family helped me fight harder. I can’t tell you how powerful this human connection was in my battle against cancer. Sharing the communal benefits of fitness helps people develop relationships, reach goals, and stay focused.”

CORE currently has three separate studios which offer Pilates, cycling, group fitness, and personal training. But in Spring 2019, CORE will revolutionize the workout game in RI when Denise unveils her new location at 229 Waterman Street on the East Side.

Fitness junkies and music lovers alike will find their oasis in this 7,000 sq. ft. space which combines all the CORE studios under one luxurious roof. The industrial-lux design will feature RI’s first Lagree Megaformer studio, a patented Pilates-based machine created by Sebastian Lagree. The Lagree Method is one of the fastest growing and hottest workouts in the fitness industry and hailed by Hollywood stars. “There is no denying the extraordinary transformation the M3X Megaformer provides all fitness levels, and it’s an honor to introduce to Lagree and serve the community I love,” says Denise.

Every aspect of the new studio is infused with Denise’s boundless positive energy. The indoor cycling theater will offer customized bikes, a pioneering sound system and mesmerizing illumination. Group training rooms boast the newest treadmills and functional training equipment. For the clients who prefer one-on-one sessions in strength training and Pilates, well-appointed private spaces will help clients reach their goals faster and deliver personal attention of a trainer. “From the friendly front desk greeters to the city’s finest instructors with reputation and commitment, CORE will deliver the next level in personal attention and bespoke customer service,” says Denise.

In spite of setbacks and challenges, her vision to bring RI together through fitness is unwavering. Determined and unstoppable, Denise is a living, breathing example of taking your passions seriously without taking yourself too seriously. 


Pawtucket | 273-2673

Providence | 273-2673 

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