Geography & Landmarks


1. Which one town below is not in Washington (South) County?
a. Exeter
b. Hopkinton
c. East Greenwich ✓
d. Westerly

e. Richmond
f. North Kingstown
g. Block Island (New Shoreham)
h. Charlestown
i. Narragansett
j. South Kingstown

2. Which towns are home to three of Rhode Island’s 18 historic armories?
a. Narragansett, Westerly, North Kingstown
b. South Kingstown, Westerly, East Greenwich ✓
c. Charlestown, Hopkinton, Richmond

3. Which three towns are home to lighthouses?
a. East Greenwich, Narragansett, Westerly
b. Westerly, New Shoreham, Charlestown ✓
c. Exeter, Richmond, South Kingstown

4. Which of the places below is not located in South Kingstown?
a. University of Rhode Island
b. Theatre by the Sea
c. The Towers ✓
d. Usquepaug Road Historic District

5. Quonochontaug is a village in which town?
a. Charlestown ✓
b. Westerly
c. Narragansett

6. Hope Valley and Ashaway are villages in which town?
a. Richmond
b. Charlestown
c. Hopkinton ✓

7. Which of these places is not found in East Greenwich?
a. Varnum House
b. Odeum Theatre
c. New England Wireless & Steam Museum
d. Smith’s Castle ✓

8. Match the towns to the historic sites:
Old Wilcox Tavern: Charlestown ✓
Black Farm: Hopkinton ✓
Casey Farm: North Kingstown ✓
Babcock-Smith House: Westerly ✓
Elisha Reynolds House: South Kingstown ✓
The Towers: Narragansett ✓
Southeast Lighthouse: Block Island ✓
Queen’s Fort: Exeter ✓

9. Match the villages to their respective towns:
Bradford, Dunn’s Corners, Weekapaug: Westerly ✓
Wickford, Slocum, Quonset: North Kingstown ✓
Matunuck, Peace Dale, Snug Harbor: South Kingstown ✓
Point Judith, Galilee, Jerusalem: Narragansett ✓
Alton, Barberville, Rockville: Hopkinton ✓
Wood River Junction, Arcadia: Richmond ✓
Fisherville, Millville, Austin: Exeter ✓
Frenchtown, Sun Valley: East Greenwich ✓

10. The dates of establishment (not incorporation) of the towns in southern Rhode Island are very early. Which, by date of establishment, is the youngest town?
a. Narragansett: 1888 ✓
b. Exeter: 1641
c. Block Island 1664

11. The sizes of the towns vary widely. What are the smallest and largest towns in southern Rhode Island?
a. Block Island and South Kingstown
b. East Greenwich and South Kingstown
c. Exeter and Block Island (Block Island is only 9,700 square miles, whereas Exeter is a whopping 57,700sq mi.) ✓


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