The Great Elephant Migration Comes to Newport This Summer

Experience the intersection of art and advocacy with 100 life-sized elephant sculptures on the scenic Cliff Walk


In a colorful spectacle blending art and advocacy, The Great Elephant Migration makes its way to Newport this summer. More than just an artistic endeavor, this event sparks essential dialogue about the symbiotic relationship between humans and wildlife.

At the core of the exhibition are 100 life-sized elephant sculptures, each crafted to narrate tales from India, where humans and elephants live in intimate proximity. These sculptures are not only works of art but also ambassadors of a greater message on the importance of wildlife conservation and the strategies necessary for peaceful human-animal cohabitation.

Set against the scenic Cliff Walk, these life-sized figures transform the pathway into a gallery of sorts, where each elephant stands as a testament to community and craftsmanship. On display from July through August 2024, The Great Elephant Migration offers locals and tourists alike a unique opportunity to engage with environmental issues in an accessible, tangible manner. As viewers meander among the majestic figures, they are encouraged to ponder the deeper significance of these shared spaces and the collective responsibilities we hold. For more details, visit


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