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1. Near the Exeter Grange and behind the church next door is what rather infamous site?
a. Grave of Benedict Arnold
b. Grave of Mercy Brown: The Mercy Brown Vampire Incident in 1892 is one of the best documented cases of the exhumation of a corpse in order to perform rituals to banish an evil spirit. ✓
c. Statue in honor of Joseph Mollicone

2. South County was not originally called by that name. What was the first name given it?

a. The Pettaquamscutt Purchase
b. Kingstown
c. The Narragansett Country ✓
d. Washington’s County

3. A signer of the Declaration of Independence and once governor of the Colony of Rhode Island, which man was honored by the naming of one of Rhode Island’s towns?
a. Charlestown
b. Hopkinton: Stephen Hopkins ✓
c. Kingstown

4. This town was named by the Nature Conservancy as one of the 12 great places in the Western Hemisphere
a. Westerly
b. East Greenwich
c. Block Island ✓

5. Which town still pays a bounty for woodchuck noses?
a. Richmond
b. Hopkinton ✓
c. Exeter

6. The architectural firm of William R. Walker & Son designed several of the city and town halls in Rhode Island, as well as 5.5 of the state’s historic armories. There are two town halls in Rhode Island (one brick and the other granite) designed by this firm. They have the exact same street address in their respective towns, 45 Broad Street. One is in Cumberland and the other is in:
a. Narragansett
b. North Kingstown
c. Westerly ✓

7. Rhode Island once had five capitals (at the same time) with a rotating legislature until 1854. Which two towns below were state capitals during that time?
a. Westerly and East Greenwich
b. South Kingstown and North Kingstown
c. East Greenwich and South Kingstown: There was a capital in each of the five counties – Newport, Bristol, Providence, Washington and Kent. ✓

8. Match the town to its superlative:
Oldest carousel in the nation in its original location: Westerly ✓
First US naval battle took place near this in 1690: Block Island ✓
Original johnnycake festival in the US: South Kingstown (Usquepaug) ✓
Site of the first Swedish church in Rhode Island: East Greenwich ✓
Only municipality without a town police force: Exeter ✓
Where a gravestone has its price inscribed on its back: Hopkinton ✓
Home to the largest of the state’s beaches: Narragansett ✓
Home to the only US operating water-powered snuff mill: North Kingstown ✓
Incorporated as a separate town from Westerly in 1747: Richmond ✓

9. Match the town to its heritage:
In March of 1787, this town voted against the Constitution with 68 no votes and 1 yes: Richmond ✓
Home to Arcadia Wildlife Management Area, the largest management area in the state: Exeter ✓
Land for this town was given to King Charles II by the Pequot Indians in 1644: East Greenwich ✓
Once the site of the nation’s only commercial nuclear facility: Hopkinton (Wood River 
Junction) ✓
Here a trading post (fort) was allegedly built and occupied by Native Americans or early European settlers: Charlestown ✓
Over 150 species of birds visit this town because it is a stop on the Atlantic Flyway: Block
Island ✓
The town that sits atop a glacial moraine (a series of small hills of debris left by the receding glaciers of the last Ice Age): Westerly ✓
Where Casey Farm, an original Colonial plantation, is today one of the oldest operations farms in New England: North Kingstown ✓
Newport has Ocean Drive but this town has the Road Historic District: Narragansett ✓


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