Notable People


1. Match the people to their home towns:
Gilbert Stuart: North Kingstown ✓
Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry: South Kingstown ✓
Commoder Matthew Perry: South Kingstown ✓
John Cafferty: Narragansett ✓

Elizabeth Beisel: North Kingstown ✓
Billy Gilman: Westerly ✓
Ruth Buzzi: Westerly ✓
Prudence Crandall: Hopkinton ✓

2. Which Perry opened Japan to the West and established the curriculum at the US Naval Academy?
a. Matthew ✓
b. Oliver

3. What is the name of the Grammy-nominated musical group begun by guitarist Duke Robillard and pianist Al Copley?
a. Beaver Brown Band
b. Roomful of Blues ✓
c. Blue Inspiration

4. What were the two nicknames of Ellison Myers Brown, a member of the Narragansett Tribe and a participant in the 1936 Olympic Games?
a. Deerfoot and Tarzan ✓
b. Tarzan and Fleetfoot
c. Deerfoot and Fleetfoot

5. Samuel Ward (1725-1776) was governor of the Colony of Rhode Island, a Supreme Court Justice, a founder and trustee of (now) Brown University and a delegate to the Continental Congress. Which high school (built and dedicated in 1937) was named in his honor?
a. East Greenwich
b. Westerly ✓
c. South Kingstown

6. Match the person from Rhode Island to his or her accomplishment:
Robert Ballard: Discoverer of the Titanic, Bismarck, and PT109 ✓
Ellison Myers Brown: two-time winner of the Boston Marathon ✓
Frank Keaney: Creator of the fastbreak in basketball ✓
Billy Gilman: Youngest person to be nominated for Grammy Award ✓
Eric Lutes: Actor and co-star of TV’s Caroline in the City
Robert Crandall: Former President and CEO of American Airlines ✓
Elizabeth Beisel: Olympic bronze and silver medalist in swimming ✓
Prudence Crandall: Opened the first integrated classroom in the nation ✓
Oliver Hazard Perry: Hero of Lake Erie, Congressional Gold Medal ✓
Don Bousquet: The unofficial state and but definitely great cartoonist ✓

7. Which pirate visited Block Island in 1689?
a. Captain Kidd: It’s rumored that Captain Kidd buried treasure on the island. ✓
b. Blackbeard
c. Henry Morgan
d. The Dread Pirate Roberts


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