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Jennifer Serafin


“We love that we work in a place that is focused on making clients happy,” says Jennifer Serafin. “We’ve created an environment that has a heart for people,” adds Pamela Lutes. Jennifer and Pamela opened Inspire Medical Spa & Wellness Center on Valentine’s Day in 2014 with a shared vision to combine state-of-the-art cosmetic treatments with therapeutic spa services. In just three years, the holistic medical spa has built an impeccable reputation and a loyal customer following. “It still feels like a dream come true. We both feel so fortunate to do what we love each day,” Jennifer says.

Inspired by the coastal beauty and serenity of Narragansett, Inspire Medical Spa & Wellness Center instantly puts clients at ease. “It’s wonderful to hear how at home people feel here,” Jennifer says. “There’s a real sense of community that makes everyone feel like they’re a part of something special.” The relaxing environment is coupled with a warm, customer-centric staff that personalizes each service. “It’s a uniquely holistic approach. We aim to make people feel their best inside and out,” Pamela says.

The professional and diverse team at Inspire is one of the many things that sets the unique business apart. The staff includes a plastic surgeon, a surgical nurse, licensed estheticians and massage therapists. “Not only do we understand the nuances and benefits of different types of injectables, we also have extensive medical training to ensure that our clients are getting the safest and longest lasting treatments,” says Pamela. Pamela, who has a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Saint Anselm College and is certified from the Esthetician Skin Institute to perform dermal fillers and injections, worked with a dermatologist, plastic surgeon and neurologist prior to opening Inspire. “I’m thankful that I’ve been able to maintain long-lasting relationships with my clients,” she says. “She has an amazing following and an amazing eye for detail,” adds Jennifer.

On the cosmetic side, Inspire services include injectables (like Xeomin and Radiesse) that smooth wrinkles and add volume and non-invasive and permanent fat removal via the state-of-the-art Vanquish procedure. Jennifer, a laser specialist, uses innovative broadband light (BBL) energy to treat a wide range of dermal issues. “It’s a powerful and effective method to treat the face, and all body areas,” she says, pointing out that it changes the molecular structure of the skin to that of younger skin, actually changing the RNA and DNA of the skin. “It works wonders for sun-damaged skin, vessels and hair removal.” On the healing side, the med spa offers highly specialized facials that treat dermal concerns like acne and fine lines, and massage therapies such as hot stone and reflexology. “The Inspire experience puts the client’s needs and wants first. Our clients trust us to provide the very best care with any service they choose,” Pamela says.

Jennifer and Pamela are committed to staying ahead of beauty trends and advances in technology. “We are always monitoring the industry with an eye towards offering the best results for our clients,” Jennifer says. “We’re passionate about helping people improve their confidence. Nothing makes us happier than helping people feel better about themselves,” Jennifer says.

14 Woodruff Avenue, Suite 10, Narragansett |284-4545

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