Leading Ladies 2017

Eva Marie Pacheco


Eva Marie Pacheco has spent her whole life dancing and teaching. The Providence Ballet Director believes in giving all students the best training possible, whether the dancer’s goal is recreational or a serious pursuit of a future in the performing arts. “We believe in teaching through self-motivation, not intimidation,” says Eva Marie. “Our philosophy is that positive reinforcement helps students reach their fullest potential as moving artists.” With locations in Providence and East Greenwich, Providence Ballet has been providing technical dance instruction for children and adults for 21 years.

As a professional dancer for over 35 years, Eva Marie Pacheco has left her artistic footprint on several prominent performing arts programs. She has performed with Island Moving Company, Festival Ballet, Everett Dance Theatre, Cadence Dance Project, carolsomersDANCE, Connecticut Concert Ballet and Spindle City Ballet. She’s created works for Festival Ballet, Island Moving Company, Salve Regina, Providence College and RI College, and is currently on RIC’s dance faculty. She is also the Artistic Director of Providence Ballet Theatre, a community based non-profit she founded.

After a successful career as a performer, Eva Marie is thrilled to have several outlets to continue her creative work. “I love teaching and creating, and I love sharing my love of dance with children and professionals alike.”

194 Oxford Street, Providence and 500 Main Street, East Greenwich | 861-4842 

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