Leading Ladies 2017

Denise Chakoian


“My fitness philosophy is simple: try not to make unrealistic expectations,” says Denise Chakoian, owner of CORE Pilates Mind/Body and CORE Cycling + Fitness. “Many people start very strong and slowly diminish because their goal is so unrealistic. My trainers and I make lifestyle goals for the year, and we work on an overall life/work/family balance.” CORE Cycling + Fitness offers team building total body workouts, TABATA, cycling, Pilates MAT, STRENGTH and BARRE Fusion workouts. For people who are curious about trying a workout, your first class is free. CORE Pilates Mind/Body offers Pilates Reformer, Tower, and Jumpboard group classes, as well as private training specifically designed for each individual’s needs (which may include myofacial release and pelvic floor strengthening).

Denise and her staff help people reach their fitness goals by understanding that not everyone has hours to spend in the gym every day, and by making workouts enjoyable. “We want to make fitness fun, but also help those who have those specific goals,” she says. “We create a comfortable environment with professional staff that can lead clients to a better overall fitness level. We listen to what our clients want, instead of pushing them to do something that they don’t want to do, and will not enjoy.”

CORE Pilates Mind/Body: 208 Governor Street, Providence | 273-2673.
CORE Cycling + Fitness: 727 East Avenue, Pawtucket | 273-2673

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