Foolproof Brewing Company

Nick Garrison turns his homebrew hobby into a hopping business


Like most stories about someone turning a hobby into a career, Nick Garrison’s passion for the craft brought him to Foolproof Brewing Company. His parents bought him a homebrewing kit for Christmas, and he loved making his own beer so much that he decided to make a special batch to serve at his wedding. It was such a hit that, on his honeymoon in Canada, he and his wife decided that Foolproof was a dream that was becoming a reality.

A little over a year later, Nick has two employees – brewmaster Damase Olsson and brewer/sales manager Stefano DeAngelis – and six brews available for public consumption. Backyahd is an “aggressively hopped” IPA that Nick describes as “the ultimate suburban brew” that pairs perfectly with anything fresh off the grill. Barstool is an American Golden Ale “designed for a night out with your friends.” Raincloud is a Robust Porter that he describes as the “perfect ‘stay at home’ brew.” Three specialty beers – La Ferme Urbaine, a farmhouse ale, King of the Yahd, an Imperial IPA, and Revery, a Russian Imperial Stout – are also available.

Foolproof offers Friday evening tastings at their Pawtucket brewery. You can also sip a Foolproof brew at any of the Not Your Average Joe’s locations, English Cellar Ale House, Harry’s Beer and Burger, Ivy Tavern, the Hot Club, and just about every other bar and restaurant in Providence (seriously, check out their beer finder at foolproofbrewing.com).

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