The Cutting Edge of Science

Scientists at URI are making a huge difference to our past, present and future


Think about the childhood aspirations every scientist had growing up: I want to work with dinosaurs; I want to be a marine biologist; I want to save the world. There are a select few individuals who get to be everything they dreamed of, and who are making the world a better place. Believe it or not, these folks are making a huge difference in our own backyard, at the University of Rhode Island. Here are a few scientists who kept their dreams alive, and who make our lives better by doing the good work they do.

Digging Into the Field

David Fastovsky chips away at dinosaur research

Preventing Disease

Meet Vaccinologist & entrepreneur Annie de Groot

Living At The Extremes

Brad Seibel explores the ocean’s depths

Explosive Research

Jimmie Oxley aims to make bombs less scary

To Infinity and Beyond

Karl Aspelund imagines the clothing required for interstellar space travel

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