Check Out These RWU Professors Doing Great Work

The fine art of historic preservation keeps the past alive


Much of the allure of New England comes from the rich history that it contains. Part of the story of a place and its people is what they leave behind. But how do we ensure that this part of the story is not lost or pushed aside as development continues?

Salve Regina University and Roger Williams University house nationally-recognized departments of cultural and historic preservation. Their faculty members not only actively work and consult on many different types of projects around the world, but train the next generation of preservationists in how to keep the past alive.

Digging In

Dr. Jon Marcoux searches for the past

Grave Matters

Dr. Robert Russell preserves history, one site at a time

Looking Backwards

Dr. Jeremy Wells studies the allure of historicity

Standing Tall

Dr. Philip C. Marshall keeps iconic buildings going strong

Preserve History Yourself

Find out whats happening at local preservation societies and how you can get involved

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