Leading Ladies 2018

Leading Ladies 2018: Katie McDonald


You know the feeling: when something isn’t exactly right, but you can’t put your finger on what’s wrong. Katie McDonald has made a career of helping people find their happier, healthier path in life through bnourished, her holistic wellness coaching business. “I have the honor of partnering with clients who know they need to make changes in their daily habits,” Katie says. “Sometimes it’s a tweak, sometimes a major overhaul. Either way, their lives are no longer working in ways that support their dreams and wellbeing.”

At bnourished, Katie works one-on-one with clients on a journey of self-discovery, assessing a person’s habits around food, thinking and time management. “We align daily habits with the lives they say they want, but have not been able to create on their own,” she says. “We close the gap between what we know we need to be doing to be at our best and what we are doing in our daily lives.” The result is different per person, depending on what they’re looking to improve - better life/work balance, better health, better sleep, a better mental outlook - but the common theme is a boosted sense of wellness. “Clients know I have their backs as the keeper of a vibrant, healthy and intentional life,” Katie says. “I am a passionate, resourceful, practical and deeply committed advocate for their wellbeing.”

Katie knows the process works because she was her own first client. “For decades, I devoted myself to my career, taking care of business but not taking care of myself,” she says. The cumulative stress added up, and resulted in her being diagnosed with serious illnesses. “I got away with self-neglect until I could not get away with it any longer. The stress, sugar addiction, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel, ulcerative colitis, and insomnia that nearly broke me became the very catalysts for change I desperately needed.” All of the energy she devoted to work became the energy she poured into her recovery.

Now, she’s a certified holistic health coach and raw food chef and instructor. Katie is also a Bach Flower Practitioner, a graduate of Leadership Rhode Island and a frequent guest speaker at businesses, helping cultivate wellbeing and balance in work environments. “I help empower people to remember that self care is a vehicle for more creative, more focused, and effective work,” she says.

Clients she’s worked with rave about Katie’s ability to help them balance their lives, and how effective and transformative the work they do together is. People come in knowing they need to make changes, but not knowing how - or, at least, how to sustain positive change in the midst of a hectic life. “People leave confident, informed, resilient, intentional,” Katie says. “They are set free from the shackles of inadequate nutrition, destructively mean spirited self-talk, and suffocatingly chaotic calendars.”

Katie is in the process of launching a daily planner on her website that helps people manage their time more effectively. “I’m crafting this with the best research in productivity and time tested strategies for successful life mastery in mind,” she says. Her website also has resources for intentional living that are accessible to everyone, not just clients.

The initial 30 minute consultation is free. “Seeking support and craving accountability are not signs of weakness,” Katie says. “In fact, only the brave and brilliant understand that the only life worth living is the examined one. Small shifts in daily habits lead to dramatic transformation.”


Saunderstown 965-4486

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