Leading Ladies 2018

Leading Ladies 2018: Blythe Penna


Blythe Penna started Ruffin’ Wranglers® in 2007 and RW has done over 140,000 dog excursions since! “We provide an exclusive outdoor experience for your dog,” Blythe says. RW excursions are so much more than a leash walk. “If your dog is full of energy, tends to prefer the company of other canines, and loves being outside running off-leash, then this is the perfect choice!”

Ruffin’ Wranglers® has a private ranch, solely for their RW dogs, located in Rehoboth, MA – about 20 minutes from most of their clients’ homes. The professional “wranglers” take care of pick-up, drop-off, and the fun time your dog has at the RW Ranch. These unique adventures provide your dog the space they need to safely run free, play, and socialize with their best pals. “Our ranch is about seven acres of fenced, beautiful land,” she says. “Come rain, shine, sleet, or snow… our wranglers are always there for your dogs.”

In 2014, The Rhode Island Small Business Journal recognized Blythe as one of the seven Entrepreneurial Women to Watch in Rhode Island. “I am extremely proud of the company that my Wranglers and I have built,” Blythe says. “We deliver canine nirvana on a daily basis, which in turn gives us immense joy.”

Visit their website for videos and a virtual tour of the expansive RW Ranch. “There is nothing like connecting with an animal’s spirit,” Blythe says. “They are pure love and they teach us lessons in love every day.” Photography by Colin Carlton; jacket by CorkysReflectiveWear.com.

Ruffin’ Wranglers®

Rehoboth, MA 401-419-4318

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