Joanne C. Lewis, D.D.S.

Owner, Pediatric Dentistry


Dr. Joanne Lewis knows that when it comes to pediatric dentistry, baby teeth may fall out but first memories of the dentist’s office are lasting. After moving to Rhode Island for her residency program, Dr. Lewis found that she loved the area and decided to stay and open her own practice. This is not your general dentist’s office. Catering to children ages 0-18 and their unique needs as patients, Dr. Lewis uses digital x-rays with lower radiation levels, televisions on the ceiling for lengthy procedures, and nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) if a child is in need of gentle sedation. She also holds hospital privileges if her patients need deeper sedation, either due to their young age or extreme anxiety.

As a specialized pediatric dentist, Dr. Lewis went through two years of additional training following dental school. She notes that most people don’t place enough importance on the upkeep of baby teeth. Although most children loose them all by age twelve, they have an important function in terms of the growth and development of a child. From chewing to talking, kids need a healthy set of teeth and gums. Dr. Lewis and her staff strive to help children achieve a lifetime of healthy dental habits.

2358 South County Trail, East Greenwich • 401-885-1500


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