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Emily Naughton

Straight-shooting motivator and spin teacher


Six years as a Spin instructor has allowed Emily Naughton to hone her instincts about her students’ perceived limitations. “I like pushing people to places they don’t think they can go, and seeing their satisfaction when they feel good about their accomplishment,” she says.

Forget trying to tell her you don’t have time for exercise: “When someone tells me they’re struggling to fit exercise in, I ask them what they’re doing at 5am. Usually their response is, ‘sleeping.’ I inform them that they now have found the time to fit it in.”

Emily clearly has a no-nonsense approach when it comes to fitness. She believes the abundance of evidence that shows exercise can combat medical issues and help prevent disease, gives people ample reason to make it part of their lives. “If you are capable of exercising, then you should do it, every day without fail,” she says. “You owe it to yourself and those who love you be healthy and strong.”

And Emily practices what she preaches; a field hockey and lacrosse player in high school, she continues to make fitness part of her lifestyle. In addition being a Certified Spin instructor, she is Certified Group Fitness Instructor, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Pilates Instructor. And on top of her duties at Luxe Fitness, she teaches three fitness classes a week at Quidnessett Elementary School in North Kingstown for its after school program for grades K-5.

Emily dismisses the idea that working out has to be boring and monotonous. She loves Spin because despite teaching it five times a week at Luxe, no two classes are the same. Each class is made fun – and different – by the members who take it. “For some it’s their first class, for others it’s their 100th. I love the mix of individuals and teaching to all levels,” Emily says.

She also knows that a big part of her job is to keep her students motivated with music. Over the course of an hour-long class, she guides them through a mix of sprints, climbs and jumps to a carefully selected playlist. “Instructors love their music and it shows.” She adds that all students, no matter the age, “will probably be familiar with at least a few, if not all, songs.”

Emily believes that if you “make a commitment to working out, you will feel better emotionally, physically and mentally.” So if you find that you feel great after taking one of her Spin classes, be prepared to hear, “I told you so.”

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