Sara Doherty

Owner & Wellness Warrior


Sara Doherty is a beam of light. In the heart of East Greenwich, she has created an oasis with SUNDANCE MASSAGE AND WELLNESS. For over eighteen years, Sundance has provided a holistic hub for community, connection, and self care. “It’s a sanctuary,” Sara says. “We offer wellness services, an infrared sauna, and a community studio. Our team is individually and collectively driven by a strong intention of caring and being of service to our community. It’s incredibly rewarding to make a positive difference in someone’s day and even life.”

While Sara has been practicing massage therapy, energy work, yoga and meditation for over 25 years, overcoming health and personal challenges only strengthened her mission.

“I’m a high-energy, positive, determined person who is fueled by helping others. I don’t take myself or the business too seriously because I truly consider it fun! Working with clients and students gives me an opportunity to slow down and allow my nurturing, peaceful, intuitive nature to shine,” says Sara. “I’m honored to hold space for people to engage in self-care.”

410 Main Street, East Greenwich


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