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Rhody Style Calamari


Even though calamari is a nationally enjoyed appetizer, this fried squid dish is perhaps the best representation of who Rhode Islanders are. Consider this: according to a recent press release in favor of making the dish our official state appetizer, Rhode Island (Point Judith, specifically) “has annual landings worth $18.5 million per year… and accounts for 50% of all squid taken along the eastern seaboard.” Our version is also Italian-influenced and is served simply with hot peppers (banana peppers are traditional, but any hot pepper will do) and a little garlic. No frills, no marinara sauce – although cocktail sauce is sometimes allowed. While you can get the dish pretty much anywhere in the state, George’s of Galilee serves up a delicious version using fresh Point Judith squid. 250 Sand Hill Cove Road, Port of Galilee. 783-2306.

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