Made in South County


When you think about it, South County is the perfect place to be an artisan: quiet, cultured, and surrounded by water and forest. Crafting takes time, talent, and patience – and in the villages of southern Rhode Island, there’s lots to go around. Here are some snapshots of four makers – people who create beauty for a living, and often teach others to do the same. You might see their work, hanging from a wall or planted in a square, and never realize that they are your neighbors, calmly plying their trade in a workshop down the road.

Sculpting a Dream

Sculptor Peruko Ccopacatty is the master of metal in his West Kingston studio

Handmade Music

Guitar maker Dan Collins takes the ultimate DIY approach to music in Peace Dale

Love and Leather

Leathersmiths Houston and Tiffany Hoyle make their work a family affair in Westerly

A Natural Weaver

Textile artist Sarah Swift creates dreamlike tapestries in Wakefield

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