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At just 24 years old, self-made entrepre- neur Julie C. Hone founded SUPERIOR TANNING, a luxury tanning salon where every client feels like family. Julie holds a degree in business as well as several certificates in the beauty industry, in- cluding eyelash extensions, lash lift & tint, brow lamination, red light therapy, and handheld spray tanning – all of which she offers at her salon with personalized guidance on what is right for you. Says Julie, “Stay tuned for a new service and tanning bed in the works!”

99 Fortin Road, Kingston, 401-662-0429, SuperiorTanningKingston.com


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  • Jacki33ee88

    I’m sorry but this so called entrepre- neur is nothing but a lie. Her daddy paid for her tanning salon until the day he committed suicidal 3 yrs ago. He also paid her cell phone bill, car insurance, everything, she always had everything handed to her she never worked hard or earned it. She also would have *** with her older brother Bradlee hone all the time and then say he forced her. I believed her at first I till

    I saw the text and photos she would send her own brother. She also has a child she doesn’t even take care of because she can’t even take care of herself. She has her mother take care of her child because she’s incapable. Don’t go to her salon she may have nice things there but the person she is, isn’t worth wasting your money on.

    I mean when her own father past away the first thing she did was go through the whole house looking for money or anything she could get her hands on that was worth something, as her own father was still laying in the yard not even removed from the property yet after shooting himself. She didn’t even care about him

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