The big guy in red weighs in on everything from the proper way to enjoy a Del’s, his first stop in Rhode Island on Christmas Eve, and how to live a merry and bright life


Dear Santa, We’ve assembled some questions to get to know you better! First things first, when it comes to coffee milk, are you team Autocrat or Eclipse?

Both! I prefer Eclipse in the morning, and Autocrat in the evening. I find Eclipse has a stronger coffee flavor – great for those early morning meetings in the workshop. Autocrat is a little sweeter – just the thing to satisfy a late-night sweet tooth. 

How do you enjoy Del’s frozen lemonade: straw or no straw?

A straw!? Even at the North Pole we don’t use a straw with a Del’s!

Favorite type of clam chowder after a cold night on the sleigh: Rhode Island (clear), New England (white), or Manhattan (red)?

Well, red and white are my two favorite colors, but I prefer my chowda Rhode Island-style.

Where do you land first in Rhode Island?

Our first stop on Christmas Eve is always Foster, then Glocester. They have the most snow.

After checking the naughty and nice list for the second time, what is your go-to snack: calamari or clam cakes?

I do love a good clam cake, but I prefer calamari – with the tentacles!

What type of Rhody treat would you like to see on your cookie plate this year?

Hmmm… One Christmas Eve a little girl left me a plate full of these delightful little mini pizzas. I think she called them pizza chips. Well, they were not quite cookies, but they were round and tasty!

When you find yourself in Little Rhody in the off-season, where do you and Mrs. Claus like to go?

Mrs. Claus and I have a beautiful summer home in Bristol. There are so many wonderful things to see and do there, and everyone is so friendly. We especially love strolling through the downtown, frequenting the shops, and visiting the local restaurants – incognito of course!

What is your number one tip to making the season merry and bright?

Be kind to one another. And give without expecting anything in return – not only at Christmastime, but throughout the year. Making the season merry and bright for others is the best way to make the season merry and bright for yourself.


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