Experience: MainStreet Coffee Perfects the Espresso Martini in East Greenwich

Morning or night, this cafe and bar is a cozy retreat from the winter chill


On East Greenwich’s bustling Main Street, there’s a coffee joint that doubles as a nightlife spot – and it’s an espresso martini lover’s dream. MainStreet Coffee boasts an inviting atmosphere and diverse menu of delectable treats by day, and a unique bar concept after dark. When the clock strikes 5pm each evening, the cafe – which opens at 7am – seamlessly transitions into a martini bar that exudes intimacy and charm, creating a perfect setting for post-work bevvies and conversation.

Stepping into MainStreet Coffee on a sunny winter afternoon, I found myself immediately drawn to the lively ambiance. The rich aroma of freshly brewed espresso guided me on a sensory journey, orchestrated by Jordan Owensby, the cafe’s experienced and friendly bar manager.

From desserts and coffee to teas and lattes, the menu at MainStreet Coffee is a well of riches. The space itself is a blend of comfort and contemporary aesthetics, featuring exposed brick walls and plush leather chairs. Whether you choose to cozy up by the fireplace, enjoy people-watching from the bar and cafe area, or linger outside on a warm day, you’ll be treated to ambiance.

MainStreet Coffee’s commitment to artistry is showcased in its masterfully prepared sweets. Collaborating with nearby bakeries for weekend specials and sourcing beans from a roaster in Pawtucket, the cafe champions locally made goods.

Owensby treated me to a platter of exquisite bites, including a cannoli, fruit tart, Raspberry and Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake, and my two favorites: the Caramel Apple Tart and the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake. The former was adorned with crumble topping and a glistening caramel glaze, enveloping my taste buds in a medley of warming flavors. The cheesecake, with its silkiness and density, offered a divine fusion of subtle sweet hints of vanilla and the harmonious richness of cream cheese, leaving me craving more.

And then, the pièce de résistance: the cocktails. While the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini remains a personal favorite, Owensby recommended I try the Cold Brew Whiskey Espresso Martini. I was captivated by its velvety coffee, providing an instant jolt, while the whiskey added warmth and depth. With every sip, the flavors unfolded in a graceful symphony, complete with a delicate frothy crown. The presentation, including a dusting of cinnamon and a trio of coffee beans, was impeccable.

For those craving a fruity sip, the Blueberry Mule is a must-try. With a zing of ginger beer and a burst of plump blueberries, it transports the senses to a sun-kissed orchard. Vodka adds a touch of sophistication, and the presentation and aromatic experience elevate the
beverage to another level.

From the ambiance to the refined sips, MainStreet Coffee is a must-visit retreat from the blustery days of winter. Coffee enthusiasts can access online recipes to capture a bit of the experience at home, but trust me, you’ll want to return to Main Street for the real deal – I’m already looking forward to trying their homemade biscotti on my next visit.


Mainstreet Coffee

137 Main Street, East Greenwich

401-885-8787 • MainStreet-Coffee.com



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