Take a Free Ride with Uber from Now Until Saturday


Uber, the uber-popular car service app, will be offering up to three free rides, at a maximum of $20 per ride, to any and everyone in Rhode Island between now and 6pm on Saturday. Yes, you read that right. Free rides. For everyone.

The company recently expanded into Rhode Island, and it's been known for making a big splash when it enters a new market. They once offered free rides to all of Brooklyn for the weekend. For those who aren't familiar, the service uses a mobile app to connect people in need of a ride with Uber drivers in their area. You can request a ride anytime from anywhere, and you don't need any cash – you pay for the ride through your Uber account. Needless to say it's become very popular very quickly with young urban dwellers and professionals.

Now the #RILOVESUBER promotion is on. Just sign up for Uber or download the app, request a ride, and the rest is on them. Of course, they expect high demand, so if you already know what you're doing this weekend you might want to start booking your rides now. And if you need somewhere to go with your free ride, your Uber receipt will get you discounts and bonuses at over a dozen Providence bars and restaurants, including The Avery, The Eddy, Hot Club, Vanity and even StyleWeek.

Find more info here, and get your free ride.


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