Marvelous Marvels


For Miquette Bishop, the artist and creator of Omniscient Marvels in North Kingstown, art has always been an vital part of her life. She grew up in a free-spirited environment and came to believe that possibilities are truly unlimited. In 2009, right around the time of the economic collapse, Bishop’s daughter’s school held a holiday fair, and parents were encouraged to create art to sell. She created gnome-like sculptures in red and green. Around the same time, after the death of her first husband, Bishop wanted a way to show her young daughter that although her father wasn’t with her physically, he was there in spirit and she wouldnever be alone. From these two events, Omniscient Marvels was born.

Omniscient Marvels, or OMs, are handmade sculptures in costumes, like bees and unicorns. According to the OM origins story, they creatures are made of light and are invisible to the human eye, so costumes allow these little guides to be seen. The OMs’ purpose is to connect people with one another. One sculpture depicts two OMs holding a heart; the idea is that a person would keep one and share the other with someone special to remind them that they are loved and never truly alone. This philosophy is the driving force of Bishop’s art, that people are not separate from one another, that we are all connected. “I thought, how neat is it that my work is in people’s houses whom I’ve never met?” she says. “We are connected in that way. I found it fascinating to discover why people are buying them. Where are they going in the world?”

Omniscient is the perfect name for her creations. OMs share a universal message rooted in kindness and consciousness. Bishop says, “What I really want to do is create a world that lets people know no life is separate from another.” North Kingstown 


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