Maker: Charlestown SAHM Turns Creativity into New Venture

New Etsy shop Duke & Lotte sells wreath decor


For years, friends marveled over the handiwork of Brandi Lacoste of Charlestown, who starts with simple grapevine hoops and other similar forms, and adorns them with faux foliage, sprigs, fruits, and blooms to create eye-catching wreaths. “I have always made my own wreaths and would also make them as gifts. Everyone kept telling me I should open an Etsy shop and sell my creations,” says Lacoste. 

What finally prompted the initiative was a series of events that kicked off in spring of 2020: the birth of her first child, followed immediately by lockdown, getting laid off from her job in kitchen/interior design, and becoming pregnant again. “After many conversations and putting pen to paper to weigh the pros and cons of putting the kids in daycare and me going back to work, financially it didn’t make sense,” she says. 

The months that followed found Lacoste brainstorming what she could do from home to make some money on her own schedule. “After a lot of thought, I decided to take the leap and start up my wreath business.” The inspiration behind the name comes from her two children, Charlotte and Duke. All Duke and Lotte wreaths are one-of-a-kind designs, with Lacoste using high-quality faux florals and her sense of style. “Each design is inspired by the current trends, seasons, and holidays. Right now, I am currently focusing on fall wreaths and will soon be moving into the winter/Christmas designs,” says Lacoste.


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