KNEAD Doughnuts Conjures Creeper Crullers

Satisfy trick-or-treat cravings with Halloween-inspired delights


Westerly donut lovers are in for a treat this season, as longtime Providence and more recently EG fave KNEAD gears up to open their fourth location by mid-October. Fans can expect a similar atmosphere in this new small but quaint shop, and staple old-fashioned, cake, and brioche donuts will all be made from scratch each morning using local dairy and eggs as usual, so there’s nothing spooky about what’s inside these creepy crullers!

The classic chocolate buttercream-iced brioche with orange sprinkles will make a return this October. Last year, this Halloween favorite was filled with peanut butter pastry cream to create a satisfying spin on peanut butter cup candies. KNEAD promises to be a trick-or-treat stop all month long with a variety of fillings and candy motifs – whether that means M&Ms baked into an old-fashioned donut or creepy Frankenstein-green drizzle – though the specifics of this season’s spooks will have to remain a surprise. No matter the treat, you can count on it washing down nicely with warm apple cider.

Pumpkin spice, apple pie, peanut butter: the flavors of fall are synonymous with donut specials you can expect to find at KNEAD Doughnuts this season. If you’re strolling Main Street in East Greenwich, the smell of cinnamon and sweet glaze will be a telltale sign Halloween is near...and that you’re in the right place. 333 Main Street, East Greenwich; 16 Broad Street, Westerly; and 55 Cromwell Street and 135 Elmgrove Avenue, Providence. 


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