Influencers: Lindsay Iadeluca & Meaghan Mooney

Hosts of Studio 10


Lindsay says:

"I’ve always been someone who looks at what fits my body right and what is comfortable. As a woman in television, we face a lot of critics. I think people forget that we are real humans behind the TV screen. As someone who has prided herself on her more athletic build and curvier shape, I think it’s important to show people that beauty comes in more than a size 2.

I have loved hoop earrings since high school and I rock them consistently. Also, my nails are quite the accessory – those who have seen them know what I’m talking about.

I think Meaghan and I provide a wide array of thoughts and opinions on top of interests that embody the entire community. Our viewers and supporters are unlike any other and it’s an honor that we dedicate 30 minutes a day to bring them positivity and light around southern New England.

I was born and raised in Warwick and graduated from URI. We are the best state hands-down in my opinion between food, scenery, and opportunity.”

Meaghan says:

“Being ‘camera-ready’ nine hours a day influences my makeup, hair, food, exercise, sleep, and clothing choices. I like to keep it simple and classy, but I also love to take risks. For example: pairing unassuming patterns or dressing up casual looks with one fancy piece. I’m also a big consignor, so I consider the resale value on items.

With the exception of those 30 minutes on the show where I wear pumps, it’s Vans or Nike kicks for me. Viewers don’t typically see them, but sometimes they make an appearance on my Instagram page.

I’ve thrown around the idea of a lifestyle show since I joined the WJAR family, and in April 2019 I was offered the role to host. I love working with our sponsors and helping businesses share their stories. 

Nothing compares to working and living in your home state, where my family gets to see me on TV. And now, my family is growing here, since getting engaged to a RI native who makes living and working here that much sweeter."


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