Influencer: Jennifer Harrington

Founder of Quonnie Siren Oyster Company


Tell us about your personal style?

I buy quality versus quantity – classic clothes versus trendy. I wear a few classic basics that are well-made for comfort and last years. I also still wear my NYC-style dresses after farm work, mostly with Muck boots. My feet rarely leave the coastal edge and these boots keep them warm and dry.

How do you dress when on the oyster farm?

Working on the water is seasonal and weather dependent. In the spring and summer, I wear Grundens bibs or a swimsuit. It all depends on daily tasks, but I always have a pair of good Muck boots on.

You worked as a style editor in New York City and then switched to a career in oyster farming. How did that come about?

They are actually more similar than one would think. Style is style. Good taste is oysters, and creating a great product and brand is just like being a style editor. They’re both about hard work surrounded by a beautiful environment.

Your three daughters help you run Quonnie Oysters. How does that work?

Working with my daughters is the greatest joy in my life. We laugh so much. I learn a lot about them and they get to learn the business. No other employees can compare to them. They value our product and put their heart and soul into every aspect of the business.

What do you love about living in South County? Any favorite spots?

I love to watch the sunrise on the ocean and the estuaries. My favorite new stop is Books on the Pond, which is a great bookstore and gathering place. Peaches Fruit + Produce Stand in Charlestown has been a favorite spot of my daughters’ since they could walk.

What are the challenges and perks about farming oysters?

The challenges are mostly dealing with unpredictable weather such as storms and ice. I love every single thing about farming oysters, especially getting to eat them all day and night long!


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