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Grey Sail creates a collaborative beer


Jennifer Brinton co-owns Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island. She and her husband Alan, a home brewing enthusiast, turned his hobby into her business. After two successful years, they continually come up with tasty, new beers.

You recently produced a beer for Newport Restaurant Group (NRG). How did that come about?
Dan Rivera, our Accounts Manager, was a regular at Trio in Narragansett, and he got some of our beers on tap there. Shawn Westhoven, NRG’s Beverage Director, approached him and mentioned that they were looking to do something different for their seasonal beers – something very drinkable, dark brown, low alcohol by volume and not too bitter. After we made just one test batch, the NRG folks said, “this is it, this is the beer.”

What is the name of this special brew?
NRG is naming the beer, however, they’re running a contest where patrons can make suggestions. If your idea is chosen, you’ll win four seats to their fall beer dinner when this beer is brought back for a full release (current supplies are running out). It’s a fun thing to involve their customers in, especially for a small, tight-knit state like Rhode Island. It’s what I love about being here.

What are some of your other seasonal beer selections?
We have three seasonal beers – Hazy Day Belgian Wit for summer, Autumn Winds Oktoberfest and Leaning Chimney smoked porter for winter. We’ve had several one-time and specialty offerings, with the next one, Tie the Knot, coming out in May in conjunction with Head Brewer Josh Letourneau’s wedding and Providence Craft Brew Week.

Which Grey Sail brews are available year-round?
We have two year-round beers. Flagship Ale is a crisp, golden-colored cream ale-style beer. Flying Jenny extra pale ale is hoppier with citrusy, spicy flavors and aroma. Right now we’re playing with recipes for our third year-round beer, which will complement our existing lineup and hopefully be out toward the end of summer.

Where can we find this specialty brew?
The beer is completely exclusive to NRG and is only found at NRG restaurants such as Trio. It truly is their beer... we brew it just for them. The only exception is if you were to come by our brewery for a tour and tasting and we had some extra on tap.

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