Earthy Delicacies from High Tide Mushroom Farm

Sustainable and nutritious, mushrooms from this Coventry farm elevate any meal


You may already know that spring is asparagus season and July is when most berries are prime for picking – but in the lesser-known mushroom world, winter means Lion’s Mane, Black and Blue Oysters, Gold Enoki, King Trumpet, and other fungal wonders. Inside the fruiting rooms of Coventry-based High Tide Mushroom Farm, these cool weather-loving varieties and more are being harvested by owner Sam Morgan.

“We are the only mushroom facility in Rhode Island that does every step of the mycological process in house,” Morgan explains, meaning all offerings are fresh and affordable. “With inflation continuing to soar, ‘gourmet’ doesn’t have to mean expensive, and everyone should have access to a nutrient-dense food source.”

To the uninitiated, the white-flecked golden Chestnut mushrooms or the almost furry appearance of Lion’s Mane may seem intimidating to incorporate into your home cooking. Morgan shares that they’re all easy to prepare and bring unique flavor profiles, from umami-leaning Oyster mushrooms to earthy and nutty Chestnuts and Pioppinos. To lend sweet and peppery notes, Golden Enokis are a great choice.

Along with being delicious sauteed in butter and added to pizza or pasta, mushrooms play a huge part in creating a sustainable food network. “They’re incredibly versatile organisms that have the ability to absorb and break down a wide range of toxins, including petroleum products, heavy metals, plastics, and pesticides,” says Morgan of the superfood. “The solution to a lot of our ecological issues has been hiding right under our feet the entire time!” Find them at Belmont Market in Wakefield, incorporated in dishes at New Wave, also in Wakefield, and other markets across the state.


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