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How Allie’s famous donut cakes went from a child’s musing to an elaborate dessert


Years ago, Mike Briggs was rambunctiously running around his father Allen’s donut shop looking for an activity for self-entertainment. The boy soon realized that if he took a dinner plate and cut along its smooth circumference into freshly made dough, he could create a giant donut. “Any chance we could fry this?” Mike asked, hopefully. The donut expert Mike, now an older gentleman, recalls his father’s skepticism about the large, cumbersome piece of dough. But, when they put it into the fryer, the result was successful. Right then and there, Allie’s Donut Cake was born.

Today, Allie’s Donuts is famous for its donut cakes in elaborate shapes and various sizes. The G.O.A.T. (Tom Brady), a Gronkowski Jersey, various emojis, unicorns, ugly Christmas sweaters, an anchor, and a crab are just a sampling of the many wacky requests for cakes that appear on the shop’s Instagram page. Mike says that there’s really no one master artist – the Allie’s staff takes turns designing the sweet treats.

First, the staff uses paper or cardboard to draw the first draft of the design. Once the shape is finalized, it is dexterously traced onto the dough, then cut with a pizza wheel and dropped in the fryer. The large piece of hot, golden-brown goodness is then generously frosted with Allie’s homemade frosting and “colored in” with sprinkles. Want to try one for yourself? “Donut” worry – Allie’s Donut Cakes are available to order.

Allie's Donuts


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