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How two Jamestown friends turned a mid-life crisis passion project into a business


Normally when one hears the term “mid-life crisis,” one thinks of sadness, an impulsive Harley Davidson purchase, or a wacky “young” haircut. Not for Tom McNiff and Will Tuttle. The two turned their toil and trouble and passion for home brewing into a business: General’s Crossing Brewhouse.

Their story is not unlike others who pursue a passion project: Two high-profile professionals tired of the daily white collar grind decide to drop everything to open a bed and breakfast on the side of a snowy mountain. In this case, the duo in question set up shop in Rhode Island’s vacationland, Jamestown. Tom is a lawyer by trade and still has his “day job,” and Will worked in the financial field for many years. The two were both homebrewers who decided they wanted a change in career and something enjoyable to do. “This shop was more fun and satisfying than a convertible Corvette,” jokes Will.

The Jamestown residents like to keep their brews simple and accessible – think honey porters, lagers, Fall IPAs, and brown ale hybrids with lower alcohol content (around 4 to 5 percent). The menu changes once the barrel sells out.“[We have] a more traditional, approachable style that is easy to drink, not too strong so people can have two or three and still be able to walk down to one of Jamestown’s restaurants afterward and have dinner.” General’s Crossing does not use kegs; the beer is tapped right from the barrel so it isn’t at risk for oxygen exposure and flatness.

Customers can expect a communal atmosphere with board games, knowledgeable staff, and lively conversation. Will and Tom underscore that if you can “hang” you’re welcome – including your dogs! Patrons can also buy growlers of the pub’s different brews, as well as cans to take home and enjoy. 


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