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Breaking Ground

Sophie's Brewhouse makes room for a new kind of brew


What makes Sophie’s Brewhouse coffee taste great? “It’s our water,” says owner Pam Machon. “Believe it or not, that’s what makes it taste great, everything starts with a good foundation.” In the coming months, caffeinated beverages will not be the only thing that needs a solid foundation. Pam’s cafe will break new ground to put an addition onto the building with a new space for a bar and outdoor seating.

In 2008, Pam took over Sophie’s, playing around with different renditions of the name. After a family loss, selling the business, buying it back again, and renovating it some years later, Pam and her husband settled on Sophie’s Brewhouse. This particular title is a play on words because the establishment would like to sell both coffee and beer throughout the day. Pam explains that the inspiration for her cafe/bar came from her restaurant and bartending roots.

“My nana owned a bar when I was young and before she owned a soda shop and bar, so I thought this would be an homage to her.”

Although the coffee shop has a liquor license, Pam says that they have yet to make the most of it because the space is not big enough to house a full bar. This lack of room has been the impetus for the new addition so that Sophie’s can finally live up to its double entendre name. For now, the locale serves craft beer brewed in the Ocean State like Whalers, Narragansett, and Grey Sail, and wine on the weekends to accompany musical performances as a way to promote and celebrate the ground breaking.

For more information about Sophie’s Brewhouse events, visit Facebook or Instagram. 


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