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Michelle Maynard started her all-natural skincare spa after she saw the changes that botanicals made on her own face. “As I entered my late 20s, my skin began to break out and I became reactive to many products,” she says. “I noticed that some of my friends in my age group had some of the same struggles with their skin.” So, Michelle enrolled in esthetics school and opened 360 Face Mind Body in Coventry, using only organic products with advanced skincare techniques. Last month, she competed in The Skin Games in California, which measures how much a client’s skin improved with an esthetician’s specific care.

You describe your spa as offering “health-conscious skin care.” What does that mean?
From the very beginning I wanted to use products that were organic, or as close as possible. There are many people who have allergies or reactions to certain ingredients and I wanted to minimize that possibility. We offer two product lines: Farmaesthetics, an organic line that is a local RI company, and Saian Natural Clinical, a vegan line from California. Both lines are free from dyes, fillers, artificial fragrance, preservatives and parabens, and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. They focus on improving not only the look of the skin but also the health of the skin.

Why is using natural products so important to you?
The skin is our largest organ and we all need to be concerned with the products that we put on our bodies. I am most concerned with keeping our products as naturally derived and as clean as possible so that there is no [risk of] adding to the body’s toxic load. I also notice there are less reactions in people when we use natural products with less ingredients.

How did you get involved with The Skin Games?
I was having such great results on clients in my treatment room using some of the amazing technology and products that I have at 360 and I felt confident that I could make a difference in a clients’ skin for the competition. I had to complete eight facial treatments in eight consecutive weeks and provide video clips of all those treatments, along with before and after photographs. I was excited to be part of a global skin competition and considered it a great way to step outside of my comfort zone. Upon hearing of my interest in the competition, Dasha Saian, owner of Saian Natural Clinical skin care line (the line I used in The Skin Games competition) encouraged me to compete. I am very honored and proud to be one of nine finalists in the holistic category of The Skin Games.

Can natural skincare really give high powered results?

Definitely. 360 Face Mind Body offers the latest non-invasive technology in skin care to enhance treatment results without down time. Modalities offered include Celluma LED for both anti-aging and acne, Ultrasonic Skin Spatula to exfoliate and to enhance product absorption and cell metabolism, micro-current, galvanic, and infrared technologies.
We also offer Skin Sheek treatments, which treat minor skin irregularities such as warts, dark spots, sun spots, broken capillaries, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, and milia. Skin Sheek treatments are usually in one dramatic treatment - results are really amazing and there’s no down time.

360 Face Mind Body
635 Arnold Road, Coventry • 578-8957

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