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Lifelong surfers Pete Champlin and Sam Lenihan were always healthy eaters, but they had a hard time finding healthy, prepared food options in their hometown of Westerly. So they decided to make their own: High Tide Juice Co. is a fresh-pressed juicery that also serves smoothies, smoothie bowls, and mostly vegetarian sandwiches and salads. “Usually during high tide the waves aren’t as good,” they say, “so it’s the best time to refuel with some healthy goodness.” We sat down to talk about good vibes, whole foods, and what the heck an Acai berry actually is.

I love the Pacific-meets-Atlantic vibe in your store. What influences did you bring in from different places?

The West Coast and Hawaii have influenced us to bring healthy choices and good vibes to our customers – but we try to use local products whenever possible. Our cold brew is from The Nitro Cart, our coffee beans come from TLC Roasters, our peanut butter comes from Providence, and our ghee from Stonington. We also use local honey and produce, and lots of other local ingredients, too.

Let’s talk about juice as a way to boost your health. What would you recommend for someone new to juicing?

Our juices are all made fresh to order on the spot. We make lots of custom juices to cater to people’s diets, too. Whether it be for detox, post-workout, or a tasty treat, we can make it happen. The most popular juices are the Get Up Stand Up – made with kale, apple, celery, lemon, and parsley – and the 808 – made with pineapple, orange, lime, and ginger – for a tasty immunity boost.

Tell us about your smoothie bowls. How are they different than smoothies?

Smoothie bowls are basically a very thick smoothie that’s similar to soft serve consistency. The bowls get topped with granola and fresh fruit. You eat the bowls with a spoon and they are an awesome treat on a summer day. They are similar to an Acai bowl, but you can choose all different styles for the base. They are very visually appealing and one of the most popular items here.

Supplements like Acai, spirulina, and goji berry are such health buzzwords right now – but unless you know what they are, you have no idea. Can you tell us about some of the health benefits?

A lot of the add-ons we offer are new to people here in the area. A good portion of the add-ons are considered superfoods, which are nutrient-rich foods considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Acai is a berry from South America and is really popular in Brazil. The energy you get from it is amazing, and it’s really tasty, too. Spirulina is another cool add-on. It’s an algae that is packed with protein and many other benefits. There is actually a facility in Cranston that processes and sells spirulina. Another popular and better known add-on is the plant-based protein powder we use, which is a great alternative for people who would rather not use animal products.

We hear Thursday night has a new thing happening.

We’re hosting Taco Night on Thursdays from 5:30-8pm. The tacos are vegan and made with jackfruit, which we serve pulled pork style. They’re really good. Most people would think there is meat in them if they tried jackfruit tacos. It’s a fun time, too – we play lots of reggae music and surf videos for everyone. It’s got a real community feel to it and many friends and family stop by.

High Tide Juice Co.

55 Beach Street, Westerly • 596-1736


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