A Terrifying Read

A Jamestown resident publishes his second mystery novel


Jan Evan Whitford, Jamestown resident and author of Mystic Island, continues the series with his second nove,l Mystic Fear. Both set at Jamestown’s Ft. Getty Campground, Mystic Fear tells the tale of how a past prank now threatens the life of ‘Clam Cop’ Nikki O’Connor. Murder, romance and terror combine to create a rollercoaster narrative that offers an all too enjoyable literary experience that’s dripping with suspense and mystery,

To accentuate the fear and horror themes running deep throughout the book, Whitford tailors the story around quick dialogue exchanges and a memorable cast of characters. (A personal favorite was Adrienne, the goth girl from Brown University.) Sometimes humorous, sometimes horrifying, the character interactions leave the reader vulnerable to emotional connections; if you want to escape into a fast-paced world where life and laughter combine with death and deceit, add Mystic Fear to your must-read list. It’s too good to pass up.


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