Cocktail Recipe

"The Arch" at Siena

Take a sip of springtime sunshine in East Greenwich


If you can't wait for the warm, spring weather to be here in full throttle, "The Arch" served at Siena, is essentially sunshine with a buzz. A modern take on tiki, it’s made with fresh pineapple-steeped vodka, basil and elderflower liqueur.

According to the drink’s creator, Sarah Pumple, the drink’s namesake is Federal Hill’s iconic arch – although in a roundabout way. “Everybody thinks what’s in the middle is a pineapple,” Rumple, told me. “And it does look like one. But it’s a pinecone! Go figure.”

To DIY the vodka, put pineapple chunks (not from a can, for the love of Moses) in a clean jar, and add high-proof vodka. Seal and steep for one week. Strain and store for weeks or even months, to get you through to spring.


  • 3.5-4 oz pineapple-infused vodka (homemade preferable)
  • 3-4 basil leaves 
  • Splash of elderflower liqueur
  • Splash of simple syrup
  • Ice

Place a small amount of ice and the basil in a cocktail shaker or large glass. Muddle until the leaves become fragrant – but not mashed. Add the other ingredients, then shake like the dickens. You want a little froth in the end. Strain into a chilled glass.

Locations in Providence, Smithfield and East Greenwich