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A Cosmic Light Show in Charlestown

Frosty Drew Observatory will be hosting a viewing party for the Geminid Meteor Shower on December 13


On the night of December 13, the Frosty Drew Observatory will be the place to catch one of the most spectacular events of the year – The Geminid Meteor Shower. These bright remnants of the asteroid 3200 Phaethon will streak across the sky at an average of almost 120 meteors per hour, each leaving lingering dust trails decorated with a green hue in their wake. This year, a Waning Crescent Moon will rise around 3:30am, meaning that the sky will be quite dark for the entirety of the shower, making for a particularly contrast-heavy and visible show.

The Observatory’s telescopes will be open and ready for viewing the night sky and distant galaxies starting at 6:30pm. When the meteors begin to quicken in frequency, the Observatory will close and visitors will then head out to the lawn for meteor viewing at the peak of the shower. Bring your blankets and chairs for comfortable – and patient – viewing while outside. We’re nearing winter, so be sure to wear layers of warm clothing – and don’t forget your hats, gloves and hot chocolate.