In the fine art world, Blazing Editions puts Little Rhody on the map


When the fine art printing company Blazing Editions started 20 years ago, it was out of a basement. It took Vice President Josef Blazar’s father 45 minutes to produce a single print, “feeding” the machine by hand. Today, they operate out of a more than 20,000-square-foot renovated mill space in East Greenwich and cater to artists and photographers around the globe.

“The art world, much like that of technology, changes fast,” says Josef, who details the evolution Blazing Editions has seen from its humble start. They’ve expanded into a three-pronged operation, adding a retail gallery (YJ Contemporary) and distribution component (Blazing Publications) that acts as an “art agent” for their clients. They’ve printed for the likes of Harry Benson, Anne Packard, and Josef Kote, and local artists like Onne Vander Wal and Nick Paciorek. They’ve added services like delivery, mounting, and installation to their repertoire. Their equipment is state-of-the-art. They’ve been nationally recognized. Their team is small but mighty, and all have their own connection to the art world.

“We’re a want not need kind of business,” Josef reflects. Despite the rise of print services found at office supply stores or online retailers, Blazing continues to grow. And as Josef points out, there is a reason why “artists, designers, galleries, and publishing firms from around the world come to Little Rhody to have their artwork produced.”