Taste Test

South County Calamari Taste Test

Legions of hungry diners have flocked South County for calamari long before it earned the title of Official State Appetizer.


Legions of hungry diners have flocked to this most coveted appetizer long before it earned the title of Official State Appetizer. Obviously we’re talking about calamari, and we tried some of the best versions South County has to offer.

It's All Greek To Us
The Greek Calamari from Mariner Grille really kicked up the traditional fried calamari with the addition of feta, olives and fresh spinach. Of course, it also had sliced pepperoncinis which had just the right amount of tang to keep us coming back for more. 140 Point Judith Road, Narragansett. 284-3282, www.MarinerGrille.com

Ring Toss
Not only does George’s of Galilee have stellar views, they also have stellar food. Their Point Judith Calamari knocks it out of the park with fresh-off-the-boat squid, hot pepper rings, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, garlic, red onion and their house-made cocktail sauce. 250 Sand Hill Cove, Galilee. 783-2306, www.GeorgesofGalilee.com

Hungry Eyes
Mews Tavern never disappoints, and the same goes for their Crispy Calamari. With more of an Italian take on the classic, the crispy rings and tentacles are served with house-made cherry pepper relish and fresh basil. A squeeze of lemon perfectly rounded out the dish. 456 Main Street, Wakefield. 783-9370, www.MewsTavern.com

Batter Up
When the squid comes right off the boat, the best thing to do is slice it, batter it and fry it up. It doesn’t get easier or fresher than that, which is exactly what Champlin’s Seafood did. By focusing on just the squid, we were able to truly appreciate our Official State Appetizer. 256 Great Island Road, Galilee. 783-3152, www.Champlins.com