Accessories that Rock

Bracelets with rock n roll pedigree


Do you dream of jamming out on stage with Trey Anastasio or Eric Clapton? Hate to burst your overzealous bubble, but chances of that happening are slim to none. Fret not. Wear Your Music has created a special line of bracelets to help you feel close to your favorite artist and channel your inner rock-and-roller, all while giving back to charity. Over 150 artists – including the above, plus many more – have donated their used guitar strings to local jewelry designer Hannah Garrison, who has artfully turned their trash into wearable treasure. Garrison (who started the company with financier Steve Bernstein) says that the idea stemmed from a desire to recycle a piece of rock memorabilia that would otherwise be thrown away: “We took it a step further and decided to donate the proceeds from the sale to the musician’s charity of choice.” In 2011, Wear Your Music sold over 1,000 artist bracelets and donated over $60,000 to charity. Made to be unisex, the bracelets come in a variety of colors and price points ($7 to $200), and can be bought online.