Abby's Attic Puts the Hip in Happy

Abby's Attic offers an eclectic collection to suit any style


I openly admit that I find the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams refreshing and uplifting because it’s a wonderful reminder that there is plenty to celebrate and feel good about in this hectic, over-scheduled world we live in. And when I recently shopped at Abby’s Attic I knew instantly that I had found a special store that was the equivalent to that song, because when I walked into this sun-drenched boutique it made me want to get up and dance.

Owner Abigail Jefferson, a well-known professional storyteller who mesmerizes audiences of all ages with her stories about cultural traditions, opened Abby’s Attic in July. This cozy community boutique is nestled in the heart of downtown Wakefield and is home to a fun and funky collection of new, used and vintage clothing, hand-crafted jewelry and very cool artifacts.

I was greeted warmly by Jefferson and her infectious smile and was completely drawn to the hip and vibrant Bohemian-style pieces she was wearing. The colors were alive yet exuded peace, and I found the hipster flair was cool and flattering and worked for all age groups.

Her ensemble grabbed my attention so Abigail invited me to check out some similar styles that were pleasantly displayed throughout the spacious store. I love the energized yet subtle music that played softly in the background as it offered a bit of a Calypso feel as I browsed the one-of-a-kind selections of geo-mod baby doll dresses, flowing and feminine lacey blouses, chic crop tops, classic blazers and slacks, brilliant gauze skirts, modish, flattering wide-legged pants and denim pieces that I could simply live in 24/7.

Abby’s Attic is tucked quietly away in charming Wakefield, but would likely be found in a city setting like Boston or Providence or definitely in happening SoHo, NY. As I checked out the stunning embroidered leather boots I noticed the eclectic mix of shoppers that were enjoying their time here today. Young girls were finding unique prom dresses that won’t break the bank and professionals were leaving with statement pieces, both vintage and trendy, to update their wardrobes.

Teens and 20-somethings love some of our retro, hippy styles because the flavor of the past is very appealing,” shares Abigail.

I notice a diverse collection of leather handbags, shawls, wraps and amazing Mexican-style ponchos. There are India-inspired blouses and gowns and plenty of adorable dresses, shorts and stylish accessories that will pull any summer wardrobe together. But the denim pieces stopped me right in my tracks. I am definitely drawn to the cool assortment of jeans and cut offs that were made for busy mid-life mamas like myself. I know I can pull this groovy look off and feel great about it thanks to the wide variety of styles and sizes.

The corner location has easy access and is beautifully displayed with photographs and other cool, cultural artifacts that are for sale and will bring some ethnic flavor to your home décor. The handcrafted jewelry is like wearable art and will complement the new finds you’re sure to be leaving with when you shop here.

And did I mention how reasonable the prices are? Because the merchandise is a collection of consignment, vintage and old and new, you can easily outfit yourself with a completely updated wardrobe for less. Abigail is a big believer in women taking the time to adorn themselves with clothing that makes them feel special and beautiful and notes that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to do so.

“This shop has a large representation of different ethnicities because we can embrace so many cultures by way of clothing and dressing. Abby’s Attic is a place where women can definitely express themselves artistically without going overboard in style or price,” she shares with warmth and enthusiasm.

So for all you busy women out there that need a little summer wardrobe pick-me-up, gather up your girlfriends, daughters and other special female friends and head over. Abby’s Attic will help you dress pretty this season and help you find your happy place all at the same time.

Abby’s Attic. 254 Robinson Street, Wakefield. 783-8600.